16301 North Rockwell Avenue
Edmond, Oklahoma  73013
Office: 405-745-6053 
Fax: 405-745-6706

Auger Boring
Communication Lines
HDD Boring
Poly Fusion
Renewable Energy Industry 
(wind and solar)
Steel Casing Welding
Utilities (sewer, gas, water, electric)


Total Boring Solutions operates under the following philosophy 
 "Everyone wins when we do the best job possible, meet or excede
             our client deadlines, with impecible safety records and the best 
             price possible." 

Our continued growth is powered by a win/win philosophy shared by the company and its founders. Dedication to detailed planning and project coordination is high on the list of priorities to insure efficient and profitable project completion. Meeting the bottom line of our business partners and contractors is a mutual goal.

Total Boring Solutions is centrally located in Edmond, Oklahoma, enabling us to provide immediate response time in emergencies and less drive time to each site.

The customers we serve appreciate our ‘on time’ approach. When Total Boring Solutions shows up to a job with our state of the art hydraulic powered rigs, we're ready to go…no down time or equipment failures that could
negatively impact the bottom line! All of our trucks and equipment are maintained regularly, in our own shops, to keep them running smoothly and efficiently on every job!

We continue to evolve with the industry…keeping up with important changes in technique and equipment. Long and complicated drills are made possible with dependable equipment and knowledgeable crews. All crews regularly attend safety training and are drug tested. 

We have an American Auger 440 R16 capable of drilling up to
48”  for  a mile at a time. No other company in Oklahoma has this    capability.

When Total Boring Solutions leaves a job site – it is complete and ready for the next phase…without fail!